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Wicked Moon

Revised edition

Hello and welcome! Below is the free PDF edition of my latest Samantha Moon novel, Wicked Moon.

As mentioned on Facebook, I decided to make some changes to the book after reading the thoughts and concerns of many of you. Samantha Moon, as you might have guessed, is near and dear to my heart. But I sensed her storylines were becoming unsustainable. I felt I had to keep going bigger and bigger to truly challenge her. Although the stories all felt like a natural progression to me, I decided to return her to her mystery roots (especially after running a poll on Facebook). However, I might have changed too much. With Elizabeth gone, it seemed like a good idea to remove some of Sam's powers as well. And with the adoption of Paxton, Sam thought twice about being a demon hunter (especially since the demons were making a habit of hunting her in her own home).

Unfortunately, I removed too much, changed too much. That's all been fixed.

Here's what's new in this latest edition of Wicked Moon:

Sam still has her wings.

She can still teleport.

Talos is still alive and well.

Max is still around, too, though he's no longer immortal.

There's no mention of a time loop or fuzzy memories.

Anthony decides to drop out of Light Warrior school to keep an eye on his family.

Anthony is still on a path to becoming an angel.

Anthony is still the Fire Warrior.

There are new scenes with Kingsley, Max, and Talos in this Version 2.

If you've already read Wicked Moon and you're here to see what's new, pay attention to chapters:

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 15

Chapter 17 - brand new
Chapter 18 - brand new
Chapter 19 - brand new
Chapter 20 - brand new

Chapter 33

And that's it! Download the free book below. Thank you again for being a fan and giving my books a chance. It's much appreciated!! (Hurry and download! Not sure how long I will keep this available on here.)

Wicked Moon - Revised Edition - PDF