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12/13/17 - Fang - Now Available!

December 13, 2017

I'm so excited to announce my brother's newest novel... and this time it's set in my Vampire for Hire Kindle World! Even better, it features Fang's backstory!!

As some of you know, the "Vampire for Hire" Kindle World is an open platform for anyone to write and sell their own Samantha Moon story. These stories are considered "fan fiction," and, as such, I have little control over the content. The writers are asked to respect my world, respect the characters—and away they go! Now anyone can write their own Sam Moon story... and get paid for it. Even more exciting is that you the reader now have even more Sam Moon stories! Granted these are non-canonical stories (unofficial stories), but they are still loads of fun.

With that said, H.T. Night's Fang: Chronicles of the American Vampire is now out! Check out the plot below... and happy reading!

Imagine believing you are a vampire, and not just because of some whimsical fantasy. You were born with unusually long incisors, and you crave blood... human blood. But unlike some pasty cold immortal bearing these same characteristics, the warm plasma that gives life to all humankind pumps furiously through your veins.

Welcome to the world of Aaron Parker, affectionately known to friends as "Fang."

Some might envy such a unique affliction from afar. But the craving for the blood of others comes with a prohibitive price…

A young man whose life has spun out of control now faces a lifetime imprisoned in a mental institution for an unthinkable crime against the love of his life. Among his 'jail mates' are others who claim to be on the outside of normal, such as a werewolf, and another new friend possessing superhuman strength—each one being treated with a host of drugs to keep them...

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12/12/17 - Vampire for Hire: First Four Stories - Only .99 Cents

December 12, 2017

Just swinging by to let you know that the first four Samantha Moon short stories are just .99 cents! Oh? You didn't know that, besides the 14 novels, there are also ten short stories set in the world of Samantha Moon... and all written by yours truly?? Well, now you do! Grab the first four below for just .99 cents, and dig in!

Vampire for Hire: First Four Stories on Amazon

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12/6/17 - The PSI Series Boxed Set - Only .99 Cents!

December 6, 2017

Like spies? International intrigue? What about time travel? If so, then grab the first three novels in the PSI series for just .99 cents! Check them out below and happy reading!!

The PSI Series on Amazon

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12/6/17 - The Spider Trilogy is only .99 cents!

December 6, 2017

So excited to announce that the Spider Trilogy (written with the amazon Scott Nicholson), is just .99 cents for the next few days. Hurry and grab my other vampire series!

The Spider Trilogy on Amazon

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12/4/17 - Cursed - Only .99 Cents!

December 4, 2017

Cursed is just .99 cents (or free with Kindle Unlimited) for the next few days! Check out this wicked fun book written by J.R. Rain and Scott Nicholson below... and happy reading!

Cursed on Amazon Kindle

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12/4/17 - The Aladdin Trilogy - Only .99 Cents!

December 4, 2017

The Aladdin Trilogy by J.R. Rain and Piers Anthony is only .99 cents for the next few days!!

The Aladdin Trilogy on Amazon Kindle

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11/29/17 - The Devil's Eye is now available!

November 29, 2017

The Devil's Eye is the first in a brand-new witch detective series, featuring Maddy Wimsey, homicide investigator and Wiccan witch. So fun! You guys are gonna love Maddy, I promise. Oh, and it's only .99 cents for the next few days! Hurry and grab it!

The Devil's Eye on Amazon Kindle

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11/14/17 - Containment - Now Available!

November 14, 2017

Soooo excited to announce that the next Winter Solstice book, CONTAINMENT, is now available!

Boy, are you guys in for a wild ride!! We've got river monsters. We've got mayhem. We've got romance. We've got wizards and magic... and one very special elf. In fact, CONTAINMENT just might have it all!

Mostly, I think you're really going to love this book. Like, love it to pieces. Check it out below... and happy reading!

Containment on Amazon Kindle

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10/27/17 - Silver Light - New from J.R. Rain!

October 27, 2017

And away we go! So excited to announce the release of Silver Light, the first in the brand new Alexis Silver mermaid detective series! Set in the universe of Samantha Moon, Silver Light features my new favorite character... Alexis Silver, mermaid detective. Guys, you are gonna love this book, I promise. Check it out below and happy reading!

Silver Light on Amazon Kindle

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9/24/17 - New Moon Rising - Releases Next Week!

September 24, 2017

So excited! The Samantha Moon Origins series is set to launch next week! Yes, this first book takes place before Sam becomes the vampire we all know and love so much! In New Moon Rising Sam is all too mortal... and happily married, too. But something is coming for her. She can feel it. And there's nothing she can do to stop it. Indeed, the whole Universe seems to have conspired against her. Sam Moon's world is about to get rocked.

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8/18/17 - Moon Extras is now available!

August 18, 2017

Are you a fan of the Vampire for Hire series? Love Sam Moon, Kingsley, Allison, Tammy, Anthony, and even the diabolical Danny? Well, they're all in here, in many never-before-published bonus scenes and outtakes! Ishmael is here too, and so is the Alchemist. There's demons and devil dogs, and even Dracula. There's an alternate ending and a never-before-published epic battle between angels and demons. Perhaps most revealing is the conversation between Sam and her long-dead, ex-hubby, Danny. Fun stuff! Only $2.99 (or free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers)! Check it out below and happy reading!

Moon Extras on Amazon Kindle

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7/31/17 - Convergence is NOW AVAILABLE!

July 31, 2017

It's that time again! Release day!! My latest novel, Convergence, is now available!! Like mystery? Like magic? Like elves?? Then you are gonna love Convergence, the first of a brand new magical mystery series. Grab it below and happy reading!!

Convergence on Amazon Kindle (free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)

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7/13/17 - The Devil's Triangle Trilogy

July 13, 2017

It's come to my attention that there's some confusion about the books in the Devil's Triangle Trilogy... so let's clear that up, shall we? The Devil's Triangle Trilogy is an in-series trilogy that's still part of the bigger whole. When I first introuduced the devil in Vampire Fire, I knew that his epic journey with Sam needed to span a number of books. I needed their conflict to build as they sort of felt each other out, all culminating in Moon Angel. So what are the books? They are, in fact, the last three books in the series:

Book 12: Vampire Fire (First in the Devil's Triangle Trilogy)

Book 13: Midnight Moon (Second in the Devil's Triangle Trilogy)

Book 14: Moon Angel (Third in the Devil's Triangle Trilogy)

Will I do more in-series trilogies? Hmm. Maybe. Not sure yet. If I can think of something as big as the devil, then maybe. For now, you can expect more Sam Moon mysteries (and I do mean mysteries, as we are also getting back to some good old-fashioned mystery thrillers). But, as you can imagine, Sam's been forever changed by the events in these past three books. The world is not the same, and neither is Sam, and I am just as excited as you are to watch her grow into her new role. Next up is Vampire Sire, book #15, and it will address the vampire who attacked her all those years ago. But before that, I have another story to tell. The story of a detective who isn't really there. Or is he? Look for Mr. Invisible soon (a standalone mystery thriller).

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7/11/17 - CONVERGENCE Pre-order!

July 11, 2017

Fun news! I'm about to launch a new series with writing phenom Matthew Cox. We had a blast writing this one and I know without a doubt you will love Convergence, especially the heroine, Winter Solstice. If you enjoy my Sam Moon novels, then be prepared to love Winter, intrepid elf reporter! Check out the description below and be sure to pre-order your copy TODAY!

Solstice Winters has spent most of her life halfway between normal society and the world of her magical parents. However, when getting caught between two worlds becomes more than metaphorical, being able to summon light or open locks might not be enough.

Neither her love life nor her professional life are going anywhere in a hurry. Her boyfriend is successful and handsome, but she constantly has to compete with his job for affection. At thirty-two, she works as a photojournalist for The Spirtualist, a small paper dedicated to magic and the supernatural that most people regard as a tabloid. Desperate for that ‘one break,’ she’ll do almost anything to get that big story and get into a ‘real’ media outlet.

Years of always not quite fitting in begin to make sense after an error at a particle physics laboratory alters the dimensional alignment of the world, strengthening magic and revealing an unexpected truth to Solstice.

She’s not even human.

In the wake of an event her boss at the paper is calling The Convergence, magical beings are appearing all over the Earth. Solstice doesn’t hesitate, racing to be the first to capture indisputable evidence of mythical beasts. Alas, being a magical creature herself, she soon winds up in the cross-hairs of not only a three-letter government agency, but an ancient sect of mages with dark intentions.

Convergence on Amazon Kindle (free with Kindle Unlimited)...

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6/28/17 - Moon Angel is now LIVE!!

June 28, 2017

The 14th Samantha Moon novel - and the third in the "Devil's Triangle" in-series trilogy - is now LIVE! Grab Moon Angel here:

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6/27/17 - Moon Angel edits complete!

June 27, 2017

Okay gang, the Moon Angel edits are now complete! I will spend the rest of the day formatting the book for both ebook and paperback, and then I will begin uploading! The 14th Samantha Moon novel should be available on Thursday!!

Posted at: 02:32 PM

6/22/17 - Moon Angel - Second Draft Done

June 22, 2017

Not only is the Moon Angel second draft done, editor #1 has already completed her edit... and loved the book! Moon Angel is now with editor #2! Expect it some time next week!!

Posted at: 09:39 AM

A Big Thank You!

June 13, 2017

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have given my books a chance! Thank you for your support over the years. I appreciate you more than you know! In return, I promise to keep writing the best books I can, for as long as I can. Thank you again and much love!!

Posted at: 05:28 AM

6/8/17 - Moon Angel - First Draft Finished!

June 8, 2017

Moon Angel comes in at a decent length. Maybe not my longest book, but not the shortest either. Wow, what a crazy ending. Boy, I hope you guys like it! Okay, give me about 10 days for the second draft, a few days with my editors, and then it will be in your hot little hands! (This is the 14th Sam Moon novel and the third and concluding volume in the "Devil's Triangle Trilogy".)

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5/28 - Writing Updates!

May 28, 2017

MOON ANGEL: Current word count: 31,000. Moon Angel wraps up the in-series "Devil's Triangle" trilogy. With luck, this will come out in June! I am about to introduce something very, very, VERY big into Sam's life! Fingers crossed that I can pull it off!

Other books in various stages of completion:

SILVER LIGHT: The first in a dark mermaid mystery series, set in the world of Samantha Moon.

TOUCH NO EVIL: The fourth book in the PSI series.

CONVERGENCE: The first book in a new elf mystery series,s et in New Yorl. Yes, I said elf. Not set in the world of Samantha Moon.

ALL THE WAY BACK HOME: A standalone adventure novel.

SHE WOLF: The second book in the Ice Wolf series.

THE WITCH AND THE WOLFMAN: The fourth Allison Lopez witch novel will be out before you know it.

BLOOD MOON: The second in the Samantha Moon Case files is on hold at the moment, but we hope to have it out asap.

NEW MOON RISING: The first in the Smaantha Moon Origins series is on hold at the moment. But I hope to get it to it soon.

THE PURE COLD LIGHT IN THE SKY: A standalone mystery novel.

LABYRINTH OF THE MINOTAUR: (Written by K.T. Tomb.) The 10th book in the Nick Caine adventure series will be out next week!

FIRE WARRIOR: (Written by H.T. Night) First book in my brother's Anthony Moon For Hire series, set in my Samantha Moon World... is out now!

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5/13 - Writing Updates

May 13, 2017

I'm 13,000 words into Moon Angel... and it is wicked fun. Moon Angel wraps up the in-series "Devil's Triangle" trilogy. I'm hoping to release this in a month or two!

I'm also 18,000 words into Silver Light, a mermaid mystery novel set in the world of Samantha Moon!

A.K. Alexander and I just wrapped up work on Touch No Evil, the fourth book in the PSI series of psychic spies! I'm going through it again with a fine-toothed comb, then it's A.K.'s turn! We are looking at a late summer release!

K.T. Tomb and I are finishing up work All the Way Back Home, a standalone alone adventure novel. Think Lawrence of Arabia meets A Dog's Purpose.

Speaking of K.T. Tomb, she just finished up the tenth Nick Caine novel. Man oh man, you guys are gonna love this one! Look for Labyrinth of the Minotaur in a week or two!

H.P. Mallory and I just stared work on She Wolf, sequel to Ice Wolf!

H.T. Night, my brother, just finished up his first novel set in the the Vampire for Hire: Kindle Worlds! It's called Fire Warrior, and, yup, it's all about Anthony! Look for it in the next few weeks!

There's been a delay in New Moon Rising (Samantha Moon Origins #1), but expect that one later this year!

I think that about sums up my current projects. As you can see, lots coming!

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The Journey - Coming soon!

March 23, 2017

My ninth novel - yes, my ninth! - with the amazing Piers Anthony will be released in the first week of April! It's called The Journey and I think you might just love it!

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3/11/17 - What I'm working on now

March 11, 2017

Hi again! Just wanted to swing by and give some of you assurances that I will be beginning Moon Angel next month. I'm hoping for a 3 month turnaround, so that we can wrap up the "Devil's Triangle" in-series trilogy this summer! Wouldn't that be nice?! But, as always, there's no rushing the story. No one wants a rushed story, right?

So, what am I working on this month? Well, it's a side project I started while writing Midnight Moon, and I want to see it through, especially since I don't expect it to be very big. As mentioned in an earlier post, Silver Light is set in the Sam Moon world, but features a rather badass mermaid. Yes, a mermaid. Alexander Silver appears often in my thoughts, and when that happens with characters, I know I have to tell their tale. Or, in Alex's case, her tail! (Corny, I know.)

Anyway, I'd never read a mermaid story. Heck, I've never even seen The Little Mermaid, although I do have a vague recollection of watching Splash as a kid. With that said, I really don't know what I'm doing, whichis exactly the way I like it. I want her to emerge organically, and I will discover just who she is right along with you, the reader. More than anything, I am fascinated by the idea of bringing new creatures into Sam's world. As some of you know, I haven't just stopped with vampires and werewolves. We have the Lichtenstein monsters, and dragons, and giant worms, witches, telepaths, God and the devil, demons and angels. My brother, H.T. Night, is working on his own Samantha Moon Kindle World book (an open platform for all writers to write their own Sam Moon story), and he's including within it a rather unique mythological monster,...

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3/7/17 - Midnight Moon is now available!

March 7, 2017

Grab the latest Samantha Moon novel below, and I do hope you love it!! Whew! I think I need a donut!

Midnight Moon is available here:

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3/6/17 Just Uploaded Midnight Moon!

March 6, 2017

It should be available in a few hours!!!

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Midnight Moon - Releases Tomorrow!

March 6, 2017

With luck, Midnight Moon should be available tomorrow!! I'm waiting on some last minute edit from editor #2. Once received in a few hours, I will go through them, then prep the book and publish it this evening. Once it's uploaded, it usually takes a few hours to publish onto Amazon's site. The safest bet is that it will be available Tuesday morning (3/7/17). So excited! I am hearing word that this might be the best one yet. Dare I hope?

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2/26 Midnight Moon - Second Draft Complete!

February 26, 2017

The second draft of Midnight Moon is complete! Now it's in the hands of my first editor! Man, I hope she likes it. No one, but no one, has read the book. Heck, I haven't even talked to anyone about, haha. I tend to keep things under wraps as I write a book. Why? Talking about an unfinished book, to me, is kind of wasted energy. Plus, I haven't a clue where the story will take me, so what's there to even talk about? Better to wait for the finished book, then talk about it then. Fingers crossed that editor #1 likes it!!

Meanwhile, I went ahead and wrote another 1000 words on Silver Light, my new book featuring a mermaid detective. Yes, a mermaid detective. So much fun. The book is set in the world of Samantha Moon. Fun, fun!

Posted at: 03:28 PM

New Moon Rising - Samantha Moon Origins #1

February 25, 2017

Been planning this one for quite a while, until I realized that I didn't have time to write it! Luckily I recruited the awesome Chanel Smith to write New Moon Rising, Samantha Moon Origins #1. Yes, I am involved in the shaping of the story and the editing, and I promise you guy that you will LOVE this book! It's coming soon!

Posted at: 05:12 PM

Midnight Moon - Final Day

February 25, 2017

Just one more day of edits! The new Sam Moon should be out in about 10 days! Soon!

Posted at: 05:02 PM

Midnight Moon - Update

February 21, 2017

I have about 4 more days of edits!! Expect this sucker in about 14 days!!

Posted at: 02:30 PM

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