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7/13/17 - The Devil's Triangle Trilogy

July 13, 2017

It's come to my attention that there's some confusion about the books in the Devil's Triangle Trilogy... so let's clear that up, shall we? The Devil's Triangle Trilogy is an in-series trilogy that's still part of the bigger whole. When I first introuduced the devil in Vampire Fire, I knew that his epic journey with Sam needed to span a number of books. I needed their conflict to build as they sort of felt each other out, all culminating in Moon Angel. So what are the books? They are, in fact, the last three books in the series:

Book 12: Vampire Fire (First in the Devil's Triangle Trilogy)

Book 13: Midnight Moon (Second in the Devil's Triangle Trilogy)

Book 14: Moon Angel (Third in the Devil's Triangle Trilogy)

Will I do more in-series trilogies? Hmm. Maybe. Not sure yet. If I can think of something as big as the devil, then maybe. For now, you can expect more Sam Moon mysteries (and I do mean mysteries, as we are also getting back to some good old-fashioned mystery thrillers). But, as you can imagine, Sam's been forever changed by the events in these past three books. The world is not the same, and neither is Sam, and I am just as excited as you are to watch her grow into her new role. Next up is Vampire Sire, book #15, and it will address the vampire who attacked her all those years ago. But before that, I have another story to tell. The story of a detective who isn't really there. Or is he? Look for Mr. Invisible soon (a standalone mystery thriller).

Posted at: 05:26 PM