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2/26 Midnight Moon - Second Draft Complete!

February 26, 2017

The second draft of Midnight Moon is complete! Now it's in the hands of my first editor! Man, I hope she likes it. No one, but no one, has read the book. Heck, I haven't even talked to anyone about, haha. I tend to keep things under wraps as I write a book. Why? Talking about an unfinished book, to me, is kind of wasted energy. Plus, I haven't a clue where the story will take me, so what's there to even talk about? Better to wait for the finished book, then talk about it then. Fingers crossed that editor #1 likes it!!

Meanwhile, I went ahead and wrote another 1000 words on Silver Light, my new book featuring a mermaid detective. Yes, a mermaid detective. So much fun. The book is set in the world of Samantha Moon. Fun, fun!

Posted at: 03:28 PM

New Moon Rising - Samantha Moon Origins #1

February 25, 2017

Been planning this one for quite a while, until I realized that I didn't have time to write it! Luckily I recruited the awesome Chanel Smith to write New Moon Rising, Samantha Moon Origins #1. Yes, I am involved in the shaping of the story and the editing, and I promise you guy that you will LOVE this book! It's coming soon!

Posted at: 05:12 PM

Midnight Moon - Final Day

February 25, 2017

Just one more day of edits! The new Sam Moon should be out in about 10 days! Soon!

Posted at: 05:02 PM

Midnight Moon - Update

February 21, 2017

I have about 4 more days of edits!! Expect this sucker in about 14 days!!

Posted at: 02:30 PM

Midnight Moon - Edits

February 15, 2017

Which means there's about 10 more days of editing left on Midnight Moon, then it's off to the next round of editing, which usually takes about a week, then I'm publishing asap. I'm considering putting it up for pre-order, but I've had pre-ordering problems in the past. So, we might go for a live release on this sucker. So far, I'm loving this book all over again. I hope you do, too. More, anon!

Posted at: 03:24 PM

Midnight Moon - First Draft - Complete!

February 13, 2017

I'm excited to announce that Midnight Moon has been successfully culled from the ethers!! In others words, the first draft is complete! Now, I will spend the next two weeks editing it, then it's off to my editors, then onto your Kindles!! Stay tuned!! Whoohoo!

P.S. It comes in at 70,000 words, but I expect to cut as much as 10,000 words, as I tend to overwrite first drafts. (Maybe there's a pill for that?)

More, anon!

Posted at: 09:49 AM

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