Spider Bite

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Spider Bite

The Spider Trilogy #3

Third in the #1 bestselling Spider Trilogy.

As a vampire with a penchant for fresh human blood, Spider has done a lot of bad things.

Now it's time to right some of those wrongs, and Spider has spent the past few years of his immortal life doing just that: helping those who can't help themselves. And maybe, just maybe, getting on God's good side. Oh, and falling in love with a girl named Parker Cole. A mortal girl, of all people.

Now when Parker's cousin, Dylan, gets cursed with the mother of all curses, it's up to Spider to save the day...and in the process help a necrophiliac ghost find true love, stop the Devil at his own game, and, if all goes according to plan, live happily ever after with the girl of his dreams.

All in a night's work for Spider and the gang...

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