When Sam Met Santa

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When Sam Met Santa and Other Stories

"When Sam Met Santa" - When Santa Claus shows up at Samantha Moon's door, it's hardly the strangest thing that's ever happened to her. What happens next, however, is another story...

Also included:

"The Deal" - Where does Santa get his coal for all those stockings? You're about to find out.

"The Christmas Map" - Purchased from eBay, one young adventurer is about to discover if this map really does lead to Santa's village.

"The Santa Call" - After accidentally forgetting his wife at home during a weekend getaway, ol’ St. Nick returns to discover she’s left him. At wit’s end, Santa turns to a radio talk show for some much needed love advice. But will he win Mrs. Claus back in time to save Christmas?

"Santa Snitch" - Sometimes the Big Guy has to step in to deal with those who grow up to be really, really bad...

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