When Sam Met Santa

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When Sam Met Santa and Other Stories

"When Sam Met Santa" - When Santa Claus shows up at Samantha Moon's door, it's hardly the strangest thing that's ever happened to her. What happens next, however, is another story...

Also included:

"Silver Escape" - Alex Silver, the mermaid detective, stars in her first short story adventure!

"War Daddy" - Agent Alan Putnam has one last job to do before he retires from the INS. He must deport a dog named War Daddy and personally escort him back to his own country. And the country is Saudi Arabia. War Daddy is 125 pounds of pure muscle, teeth, and slobber—and possesses a will to survive unlike anything Agent Putnam has ever seen before, man or beast.

"The Deal" - Where does Santa get his coal for all those stockings? You're about to find out.

"The Christmas Map" - Purchased from eBay, one young adventurer is about to discover if this map really does lead to Santa's village.

“The Santa Call” - After accidentally forgetting his wife at home during a weekend getaway, ol’ St. Nick returns to discover she’s left him. At wit’s end, Santa turns to a radio talk show for some much needed love advice. But will he win Mrs. Claus back in time to save Christmas?

“Mad Dog” - Mad Dog is a drunk. He was also once the top sports announcer in the country, announcing everything from Cotton Bowls to Super Bowls. Now he’s washed up and looking for work. Well, there’s a spot for him at ESPN 5, announcing the National Racquetball Championships. But can Mad Dog put his flask aside long enough to resurrect his career? Probably not, but he’s sure gonna try.

“Behind the Shower Curtain” - A bratty sister. A terrified brother. A prank that goes horribly wrong... and, finally, a conversation with God.

“Nature’s Assassins” - What happens when you screw with Mother Nature too long? She sends her assassins, and sometimes they come in the most unlikely shapes and sizes.

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