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A Superhero Novel

He’s half man and half bull. She’s half woman and half lava. Their lives are about to collide.

Carl Gray was a rodeo clown before he was fused by lightning with a bull named El Diablo. He became a half-bull, half-man superhero, complete with horns and a tail.

Lavender is a native islander—her mother is lava and her father is human. As a half-human, she can read their minds. As a half-lava creature, she can change her shape and her temperature at will—and she’s definitely one red-hot young lady!

When Lavender learns about the half-bull, half man, she must have him! She heads to Arizona to meet Carl, who uses his superhero powers to help humankind. But mostly he drinks way too much. Lavender offers to become his girlfriend, but he’s got to clean up his act—she also insists he start charging fees for his superhero services.

When the world receives a threat from a criminal mastermind named Villainous—who threatens to destroy all primates, including the human race—the Secretary of Defense requests their help. He informs Lavender and Carl that all over the world, separate species have begun merging into powerful new creatures with human intelligence and animal strengths.

With his horns of destruction and her intense heat and ability to shape lava, can Carl and Lavender thwart the most evil master plot the world has ever faced? What will it take to find the madman behind the threat? And, what will it take to shut down his unusual weapons of mass destruction before it’s too late?

As the danger increases, so does their passion, but will the heat of imminent danger eclipse their growing fire for each other? And, can these two unlikely misfits join forces to save the human race?

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