Dark Rain: Stories

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Dark Rain: Stories

From J.R. Rain, the #1 bestselling author of the Samantha Moon vampire mysteries, comes his latest collection of strange and wonderful tales, including:

Blue Moon - Samantha Moon is about to meet some very unexpected in a local Starbucks... someone who looks hauntingly familiar.

Dark Side of the Moon - Samantha Moon gets in touch with the creature inside of her and takes a trip beyond where she's ever gone before, deep into the revelations of her inner self, and into the black vastness of outer space. She risks everything to discover just how powerful she is, and finally connects with a deeper truth inside of her - a truth that will unlock something unexpected and powerful.

Vampire Requiem - Samantha Moon gets up close and personal with her dead ex-husband's mistress, Nancy, who might be a woman who knows too much. When Nancy opens up to Sam about her history with Danny, Sam tries to forgive her and move on with her life, maybe even be friends. After all, Danny didn't play it straight with either of them. Despite her good intentions, something rises up in Sam, something dark and evil, and something that she can barely keep under control.

Easy Rider - Private investigator Jim Knighthorse returns in Easy Rider, a standalone short story where he discovers a female burglar sleeping in his office. Camry is a woman who knows too much. Down on her luck, she asks for Knighthorse's protection from her biker ex-boyfriend, Steel Eye, whom she says has murdered someone. She's a witness on the run and she also has problems of her own making.

The Vampire on the Train - Spinoza, a private investigator who's got a secret past that haunts him, is hired to ride a train with a man whose dreams predict the future. Spinoza is in the man's dreams. And so is the train.

War Daddy - Agent Alan Putnam has one last job to do before he retires from the INS. He must deport a dog named War Daddy and personally escort him back to his own country. The adventure of a lifetime is about to begin...

And many more...

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