Vampire Alley

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Vampire Alley

A Samantha Moon Poem

by J.R. Rain

In VAMPIRE ALLEY, a free-verse poem set in the world of Samantha Moon, a boy obeys a compelling urge to leave the safety of his bedroom and wander his neighborhood at night. In a dream-like state, he finds himself in a dark alley, and he’s not alone. The boy becomes the sole eyewitness to a crime in progress, a despicable and horrific attack.

He doesn’t believe in monsters or vampires. So, this must be a bad dream—a nightmare. Or is it? When it seems as if he’s about to become the next victim, he thinks that waking up is the only way he’ll escape death. But will he survive this frightening night?

VAMPIRE ALLEY, by #1 bestselling mystery and paranormal author J.R. Rain, is a spine-tingling, micro-story in a poem about a boy who comes face to face with dangerous creatures of the night. And one very special lady...

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