The Sands of Time

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The Sands of Time

Short Story Collection

3 Tales of Adventure

USA Today bestselling author, J.R. Rain, brings you three short stories of epic adventure.

In J.R. Rain's story, War Daddy, Agent Alan Putnam has one last job to do before he retires from the INS. He must deport a dog named War Daddy and personally escort him back to his own country. And the country is Saudi Arabia. War Daddy is 125 pounds of pure muscle, teeth, and slobber—and possesses a will to survive unlike anything Agent Putnam has ever seen before, man or beast. After all, the big dog had survived the horrors of being used as a drug mule—once gutted for the drugs inside him and left for dead, he’s overcome all odds. Except one. He doesn’t belong in the United States. Now, it’s time for War Daddy to go home. Pursued across the vast Arabian desert, Alan and War Daddy brave the elements and fight the cruel humans who underestimate this unstoppable dog. A dog that seems to be on a quest all its own. Indeed, Agent Putnam is about to discover what drives War Daddy all the way back home...

In K.T. Tomb's story, Wolfgang, the adopted son of a prince must choose between honor and revenge…On the excavation site of an ancient city, marauders murder Wolfgang Anderson’s mother and sister. The young boy vows revenge against the rebel leader. A group of Bedouins take him to their prince so he can be returned to America...but Wolfgang chooses to stay in the Middle East, where he grows up as the adopted son of a mighty prince. Indeed, Wolfgang chooses a path that brings honor to his new family and makes him very powerful. One day, he sees an opportunity to exact his revenge… but will he honor his adopted father’s request to accept the past? Or will he fulfill his vow to avenge his blood family?

In P.J. Day's story, The Last Rhino, Juma is the last white rhino on Earth...and Tarik is the man chosen to protect him. Tarik Daw was once a child soldier, but it’s been years since he was briefly captured by rebels in the highlands. His new job is to protect Juma from poachers. Indeed, Tarik is grateful to have a government job on a Kenyan game preserve—it will support his family for as long as Juma lives. And with his training and experience, he won’t hesitate to kill would-be poachers to protect the white rhino from extinction…and to ensure his own livelihood. However, as Juma’s newest guardsman tracks the rhino’s wanderings across the African savannah, his darkest secret threatens everyone and everything he holds dear...

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