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Short Story Anthology

19 Tales of the Fantastic

Curiosity Quills Press brings together bestselling authors like J.R. Rain, Tony Healey, and more to create a spine-tingling, mind-blowing, quirky collection of short stories in their first ever, annual Curiosity Quills: Primetime Anthology.

10% of every purchase will go straight to animals in need. The CQ team has selected humane societies on both the East and West coast that spend well and do not stray from their “no-kill” policies.

Included Short Stories:
- And Death Shall Have No Dominion - K.H. Koehler
- Cyber Cowboy - James Wymore
- Dark Orb - Tony Healey
- Ephemera - Gerilyn Marin
- The Fridge - J.R. Rain
- Ghost Placers - Nina Post
- How I Killed the Drama - Mike Robinson
- Mad Science - Sharon Bayliss
- On the Rocks - William Vitka
- Razor Child - Michael Shean
- Sinergy - A.E. Propher & Grace Eyre
- Tell Us Everything - Randy Attwood
- The Caw - Eliza Tilton
- The Damned and the Dangerous - Michael Panush
- The Last Carnivale - Vicki Keire
- The Milgram Battery - Matthew Graybosch
- The Notebook - Randy Attwood
- The Pearl - Rand B. Lee
- Trevor - Nathan Yocum

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