The Spear

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The Spear

Legend has it that whoever possesses the Holy Lance that pierced Christ's side at the Crucifixion—and unlocks the spear's devastating powers—holds in his hands the fate of the world.

Ten years after serving in World War II in the British Special Service Brigade—and now teaching history at a military academy—Major Allan Quatermain is asked to perform one last mission. MI6 has received intel that a renegade band of Nazi holdouts is seeking the powerful Spear of Destiny. Worse, that Hitler himself might be alive and well...and orchestrating a return to the world's stage.

Now, Her Majesty's Secret Service turns to Major Allan Quatermain, a grizzled war veteran and military historian with a pedigree of adventure, to find the spear first and bring Hitler back dead or alive. All in a day's work for one man with adventure in his blood...and a taste for revenge.

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