The Spear

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The Spear

The Major Quatermain Series #1

From J.R. Rain, the international bestselling author of over seventy novels, and bestselling author Randy Keys, comes their latest co-written action thriller, THE SPEAR, first in their new Major Quatermain adventure series!

Legend has it that whoever possesses the Holy Lance that pierced Christ's side at the Crucifixion - and unlocks the spear's devastating powers - holds in his hands the fate of the world.

Ten years after serving in World War II in the British Special Service Brigade - and now teaching history at a military academy - Major Allan Quatermain is asked to perform one last mission. MI6 has received intel that a renegade band of Nazi holdouts is seeking the powerful Spear of Destiny. Worse, that Hitler himself might be alive and well... and orchestrating a return to the world's stage.

Now, Her Majesty's Secret Service turns to Major Allan Quatermain, a grizzled war veteran and military historian with a pedigree of adventure, to find the spear first and bring Hitler back dead or alive. All in a day's work for one man with adventure in his blood... and a taste for revenge.

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