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J.R. Rain Presents

Silver Lake

Medium Mysteries Book 2

by Elizabeth Basque


Pauline Ocean returns as a world-class Medium to the living, but whose lifework is dedicated to helping the spirits go "Home."

Pauline’s not just a psychic, she’s an investigator, too, and she even has her own resident ghost, Mack, who haunts her apartment and whose heart hides many secrets that keep him from going Home. To make a little extra money, Pauline has started classes for wannabe Mediums and Mack assists her by providing the ghosts.

When Pauline sees a man in a newspaper engagement announcement who looks like a younger version of Mack, she gets a bad feeling about the impending marriage. After she pries the truth out of Mack about his own life and death, Pauline and her friend and sidekick, Julie, have not just a cold case murder on their hands, but the clock is ticking for them to prevent history from repeating itself with Mack’s billionaire son, Garrett.

Pauline and Julie go up against Garrett’s supermodel fiancée, who is determined to get what she wants from him, and she will stop at nothing to succeed. Pauline and Julie join their spiritual forces in the race against a dangerous beauty who has let the power of prettiness go to her head.

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