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J.R. Rain Presents

The Vampire in the High Castle

The Huntress Trilogy Book 2

by Chanel Smith 

**Second in The Huntress Trilogy featuring vampire Veronica Melbourne.**

A blood feud. A journey. Vampires.

Vampire Veronica Melbourne hunts down evil vampires and rogue supernaturals. She also hunts humans—if they give her a reason to kill.

When Julia Agrippina asks Veronica to deliver two teenage vampires to a castle stronghold, she figures it should be a straightforward matter. But the teen boy has other ideas—he wants to reclaim his stolen birthright. His older sister has her own mind, too. Neither of these sheltered teen vampires has ever fed from the source. And since ready-to-drink blood is going to be scarce on this trip, Veronica must teach them how to hunt but not kill, and how to feed. However, when the danger heats up, Veronica may have to teach them how to kill after all.

As they travel toward the teens’ ancestral home, Veronica can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching them. When preternatural creatures come out in full force, Veronica learns that an old enemy of the teens is still alive—his violent intentions remain a dire threat to the young vampires.

Veronica also discovers that vampires in the Old Country—and other creatures, too—are far more deadly than she ever imagined.

Will Veronica be able to safely deliver the teen vampires to the castle? Or will she die trying?

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