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J.R. Rain Presents

As I Fall

One Breath at a Time Book 3

by Leilani Bennett

Presented by #1 bestselling author, J.R. Rain. An epic love story spanning time and space...and everything in-between.

Is it possible to love someone so strongly that you can never die? That’s the fate Grayson Rain has suffered over the course of many lifetimes; that is, until Brielle Eden arrives at the old brownstone. Will Brielle finally be the one who opens his heart once again?

Brielle Eden, an American author who moves to Paris, is profoundly drawn to the two connecting hearts carved into the staircase of the old brownstone where she now resides. Who were the young lovers? And why is there a mysterious hole in the center of one of the hearts? When Brielle decides to make the mystery of the lovers the topic of her next novel, the inexplicable begins to happen: strange visions begin to haunt her, along with a mysterious presence. Forging forward, she is certain someone is watching her every move. Or is it her overactive imagination? Or, more interesting, a memory of someone from her past? Brielle doesn't know, but she's determined to find out.

An enchanting original series and a spellbinding tale of two lovers risking eternity to be with each other again, "One Breath at a Time" series is destined to captivate readers for years to come.

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