Moon Angel

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Moon Angel

Vampire for Hire #14


In Moon Angel, vampire private investigator Samantha Moon must save her mind-reading teenage daughter from the devil. When Tammy is tricked into a pact with the evil one, he invades her mind, pulling every secret from it. Except the one he wants most...

Sam vows to destroy the devil, but she’s going to need supernatural help. She picks the brains of her favorite witch, werewolf, vampire and alchemist to learn of any secret vulnerabilities of the Prince of Darkness. The odds of success seem slim until an unexpected ally unlocks the key to a strategy that could give Sam an edge.

When all hell breaks loose with demons, a three-headed devil dog, and worse—the devil incarnate—it will take all of Sam’s strength, skill, and heart to battle the world’s greatest evil and his loyal army of friends.

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