Moonlight & Monsters: Ten Vampire Tales

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Moonlight & Monsters

Ten Vampire Tales

Here be vampires...

Ten tales of mystery, suspense, and horror from #1 bestselling supernatural author, J.R. Rain, including:

"Teeth" - What happens when a child is born with a rare throwback gene, a gene that produces two extraordinarily long teeth?

"The Vampire on a Train" - Spinoza is a private investigator who takes on a different kind of investigation when he's hired to ride a train with a vampire whose dreams predict the future. Spinoza is in the vampire's dreams. And so is the train...

"Nightmare" - One parasitic vampire is about to meet his own worst nightmare.

"Vampire vs. Bigfoot" - The ultimate hunter just met his match.

"Halloween Moon" - Samantha Moon is about to confront a monster of the worst kind - a killer who preys on the innocent. A killer who lives just down her street.

"Grampire" - Somebody has to be the world's oldest vampire.

"Soul Train" - A young boy who hears a mysterious nightly train is about to come-face-to-face with something not of this world...

"Vampire Rain" - Some vampires do not die. Some vampires cannot be killed. At least, not by mortals. Now, one ancient vampire takes it upon himself to rid the world of a deadly plague...himself.

"Castle for Sale" - There's a castle for sale. Deep in the woods of Alaska. Dracula's Castle.

"Vampire Road" - One vampire's thirst for adventure finds him on new roads... and in a carefully laid trap.

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