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J.R. Rain Presents

Enemy of the Nation

Book Two

by H.T. Night

Enemy of the Nation is the second novel in an epic dystopian vampire series by #1 bestselling author, H.T. Night.

Four hundred years in the future, in a dystopian sphere city called Vampire Nation, humans have only three choices: become a vampire, become a breeder, or become a feeder. But Devin wants something forbidden: his freedom. But freedom isn't free; it always comes at a price...

Ariana helps Devin escape, but she is caught and arrested. She faces capital charges, but her captors aren't ready to kill her - yet. When she's interrogated about the resistance movement, her only chance to stay alive is not to give them what they want to know. As a prisoner of the highest-ranking vampires, who can Ariana trust in a world where vampires enslave humans, spies are people she knows, and the consequences of crossing The Creed is death?

Now outside the Vampire Nation and deeply involved with the resistance fighters, Devin must enlist their support to devise and execute a plan to save Ariana. He's desperate to sneak back inside The Sphere that he just escaped, but his new comrades aren't ready to risk their lives again, so soon. Can Devin save Ariana before it's too late?

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