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J.R. Rain Presents

Little Wolf

by K.T. Tomb

In the tradition of Call of the WildWatership Down and RedwallLittle Wolf is the story of Shadow, an abandoned dog with big dreams...

When a mongrel puppy is left alone to die in the forest, a heartbroken mother wolf saves the day - and keeps him as one of her own. Although smaller in size and far weaker, Shadow grows up with his wolf siblings and soon proves that great size is no match for a great heart.

That is, until he's captured and taken back to the city...

Now haunted by memories of freedom with his wolf family, the young pup endures captivity. But when Shadow unexpectedly learns that his forest home is in danger, he must use all of his wiles and senses if he is to escape and warn the wolves.

As danger circles, Shadow is torn between two canine worlds: a wolf pack in the wilderness and a dog pack in the city. But time is running out for both packs...

LITTLE WOLF is a coming-of-age adventure novel about a dog named Shadow who must decide what he is at heart: a wolf or a dog. Whatever he chooses will decide the fate of his brothers and sisters in the forest - and in the city.

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