Sherlock Holmes and the Lost da Vinci

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Sherlock Holmes and the Lost Da Vinci

The Watson Files #2

When Holmes joins his sidekick and friend, Doctor Watson, at the wake for Brigadier Buffington, they wonder how Buffington acquired a lost Leonardo da Vinci painting. And, after a curious incident or two, another question arises: Did Buffington die of natural causes?

A wager between the good doctor and the legendary sleuth turns into an outright competition, with each investigator withholding clues from the other! The game is afoot as they compete to win the wager... and uncover possible murder, deceit and scandal. It's up to Holmes and Watson to sift through the mounting evidence in order to derive the motive, means and opportunity for each crime. The great Victorian London detective must use deductive reasoning - and even outright trickery - in order to learn whodunnit and why.

But when material evidence disappears, will it be Watson or Holmes who finally deduces the truth from a tangled web of lies? And will the lost da Vinci painting be recovered before it disappears forever?

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