Witch Moon

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Witch Moon

Samantha Moon Adventures #4

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After crossing paths with a murderous entity in London, Samantha Moon and the gang continue their whirlwind European tour...

Next stop: Finland.

After arriving at their latest destination, Samantha Moon and company are dismayed to see their woodsy resort abuzz with search and rescuers. They soon learn why: four hikers went missing three days ago.

Sam chews on this as the gang settles into their cozy cabin. Once done, she comes to a decision―she and Kingsley will help with the search. After all, who better to look for missing hikers than a vampire with wings and an over-sized werewolf?

As they head out into the forest, it doesn't take Sam and her wolfish boyfriend long to discover there's mischief afoot. Magical mischief. Indeed, there appears to be a dark spell cast over the forest. Worse, an old crone appears to be behind the spell―a wicked witch who lures hikers and children alike deep into the forest... only to never be seen from again.

Sam soon learns that Baba Yaga is no ordinary witch, and her forest home is the stuff of nightmares. It will take all of the gang's combined skills to come out of this one alive.

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