Accidental No More

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Accidental No More

(Book #3)

 The third and final book in the "Team Quantum" trilogy of superhero adventures!

Now married, Mira Verborgen and Giancarlo Colombo have a problem. Turns out, there will be no honeymoon, not yet. And maybe not ever. After all, they'd just been informed that they will be going nuclear in three months.


Their bodies are turning on them, and the more "super' they become, the faster they will explode. But maybe, just maybe there's an answer. It's a long shot, but it just might work. Then, the newlyweds can finally be alone...

But first, they must stop the madman who caused this mess. After all, Dr. Orlov is also a ticking time bomb... and one that might go off at any moment. Forgoing their honeymoon to save the world, Mira and Giancarlo take a secret flight out to China, where they soon come across a base of operations for something dark, nefarious, and most certainly on the wrong side of the law.

And so begins the final showdown between superheroes and a super villain, all with incalculable power and all with a score to settle. One wrong move and everyone and everything might just go up in a mushroom cloud of nuclear proportions.

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