Moon Goddess

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Moon Goddess

Samantha Moon Adventures #5

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After crossing paths with Baba Yaga in Finland, Samantha Moon and the gang continue their whirlwind European tour...

Next stop: Denmark.

Copenhagen is a dream. A beautiful city in a beautiful country, so of course Samantha Moon and her friends and family would eventually wind up fighting a Viking horde of the undead.

It begins with a stop in a curiosity shop. Tammy is drawn to a small statuette of the Goddess Freya, a supposedly innocent souvenir meant for tourists.

It's anything but.

The goddess has a request... and only Tammy can fulfill it. Thus begins a journey deep into an island forest... and down into a forgotten temple where a cursed army of the undead await.

Luckily, Sam, Kingsley, Allison and Anthony have Tammy's back.

And also one very special goddess.

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