Vampire Widow and Other Stories

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Vampire Widow and Other Stories

(Samantha Moon)

Everyone's favorite vampire detective is back in a brand-new, thrilling short story!

Included in this collection:

"Vampire Widow" - Tammy Moon hears a distant, telepathic cry for help... and convinces her mother, Samantha Moon, to go on a road trip deep into the heart of the Mojave desert to help something ancient... and massive.

"Little Snowmen Everywhere" - They are new to town, trying to fit in. All is going well until the first snowfall. That's when their neighbors frantically start building little snowmen. Now, the streets are lined with them. The new couple are warned to build one, too. Or else...

"Shark Cage Boogie" - A high-tech, luxury shark cage is about to get field tested by the world's biggest great white shark. There will be blood.

"Cavalcade" - Coming home from a night out, a husband and wife see a very strange sight: a collection of cars driving together in the middle of the night. A few nights later, the couple sees the same cars again, driving just as strange. It happens again and again, and soon they will know why...

"The Lobster" - The world's biggest lobster? Well hot damn! Two fisherman set out to make the catch of a life time... and soon realize they might be in over their heads. Oh, and they're going to need a bigger boat...

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