Moon Shots

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Moon Shots

Eight Vampire for Hire Stories

Eight "Vampire for Hire" short tales from USA TODAY bestselling author, J.R. Rain―includes a brand-new, never-before-published Samantha Moon story!

Included in this collection:

"Vampire Requiem" - Samantha Moon gets up close and personal with her dead ex-husband’s mistress, Nancy, who might be a woman who knows too much.

"Moon Love" - Samantha Moon and Kingsley Fulcrum set their sites on a romantic weekend getaway to Big Bear, California, only to find themselves on the hunt for a runaway boy. With darkness descending and the temperatures dropping—and one little boy alone in the wilderness—Samantha Moon decides to call in the cavalry. Or, as Jim Knighthorse likes to say, the "big guns."

"Moon Musings" - Samantha Moon is back and... blogging? Turns out the vampire mama has a lot to say on the subject of life, death, and fighting demons. And what better outlet than in an anonymous blog? For those who want to know what's really on a vampire's mind...

"Moon Memories" - He's a new client with lots of questions. She's a vampire feeling oddly chatty. Is he ready for the answers?

"Moon Quiz" - It's a quiz in a magazine, meant to entertain and perhaps kill some time in a dentist's waiting room. But what happens when a real vampire takes the same quiz?

"Moon Beast" - Something's leaving behind mysterious footprints at a Southern California park. And not just any footprints. Massive, bloody prints...

"Vampire Widow" - Tammy Moon hears a distant, telepathic cry for help... and convinces her mother, Samantha Moon, to go on a road trip deep into the heart of the Mojave desert to help something ancient... and massive.

"Moon Maze" - First time in print! A young man hires Sam to look into the origins of a childhood monster. With the help of her real-life werewolf boyfriend, Sam digs into the mystery... and follows the trail of clues deep underground.

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