Infinite Moon

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Infinite Moon

Vampire for Hire #20

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Dealing with one's greatest nemesis can be frustrating, but Samantha Moon is literally beside herself.

From the moment Elizabeth escaped her mind prison, Sam and her family braced for the worst. With the plan now set in motion, only two things are known for sure: the plan is big, and it's going to be horrible.

After tracking the dark masters down to the remote jungles of Venezuela, Sam and her crew rush there to prevent the apocalypse they're certain is brewing. Alas, problems abound. Not only are they facing a new type of vampire they've never seen before, but Elizabeth also gets the upper hand in a major way.

Sam is thrust into a maze of alternate realities where she is forced to face an enemy far more dangerous than an ancient sorceress: herself. If she can't escape fast enough, Elizabeth will enslave an entire dimension.

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