Vampire Empress

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Vampire Empress

Vampire for Hire #21

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Dark Masters vs. Light Warriors
Sam vs. Elizabeth
The final battle begins!

Samantha Moon would go to the ends of the Earth to stop Elizabeth—or into another world entirely.

Fourteen years ago, her life forever changed, entwined with the darkest of dark vampires. From that night forward, Elizabeth has been part of her, ever a step ahead. However, the dark one grows impatient.

Taking over modern Earth presents certain annoyances for a vampire army, like mortals with access to nuclear weapons. However, an alternate world much like ours from 2,000 years ago would be defenseless against her. Temptation proves too great; Elizabeth abandons Earth, bent on repeating the war of domination that sent her to the void a thousand years ago.

Earth may be safe—for now—but Sam cannot stand by and let her enslave an entire dimension. With her daughter, son, and Max at her side, she seizes a rare opportunity to catch Elizabeth off guard.

Now all she has to do is survive... 

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