The Ghost Maker

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The Ghost Maker

The Gabriel Files #2

Supernatural investigator, Gabriel Radu, is back! This time, he's asked to look into a very strange case of... doppelgangers.

On the heels of a deadly confrontation with the fallen angel, Abaddon, Gabriel and his family face a new immortal menace that has invaded their beloved and quirky town of Denmark, Tennessee.

When a handful of Denmarkian women fall inexplicably into comas, Gabriel is once again asked to look into the mystery. Even stranger, their spirits roam the town square as doppelgangers.

Things quickly escalate to include more victims... and with each one comes a single Tarot card. Most include threatening messages addressed to none other than Gabriel Radu himself.

A deadly cat and mouse game has begun, with an implied promise to bring Denmark to its knees by the next full moon—just days away.

Gabriel and his family are once again in a race to keep the innocent from being slaughtered as literal sacrificial lambs.

But is it too late already? And what will it personally cost Gabe this time? These questions, and more, await answers in The Ghost Maker...

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