The Witch and the Hangman

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The Witch and the Hangman

The Witches Series #5

The Hangman always gets his due.

Allison Lopez has almost got her life back to something akin to normal. The radio station survived the wrath of the Jaguar God, so she at least has a steady job. Being a nighttime psychic radio host is a fun gig, even if marketing people make it cheesy sometimes. But hey, ‘Hump or Dump’ pays the bills.

With the trifecta down to two, her witchy powers aren’t exactly at full strength, making it risky to challenge anything too dangerous. Millicent thinks the Universe will provide… but when?

A dial-in guest seeks help against a spirit trying to kill him. Allison knows it’ll take more than a few minutes of airtime to save the man’s life, and visits him in person. There, she encounters a darkness set in motion almost 200 years ago. Evil clings to the land, claiming every life to cross its path.

And now it wants hers.

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