The Grail Quest

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The Grail Quest

A Tale of Magic

Plagued by nightmares of King Arthur, Merlin and the Holy Grail, American mystery novelist James Dupree sets out to England to finally understand the meaning behind his strange dreams.

Upon arriving in tranquil Glastonbury, James quickly discovers that not all is as it seems in a land deeply connected to Camelot, Avalon and the Knights of the Round Table. There's a raven-haired girl dying of a rare lung disease, and a naked man who emerges from the forest...a man who just might be the greatest king Britain has ever seen. Something is happening in Glastonbury, something mysterious and powerful and not-of-this world, and somehow James is at the heart of it.

At once inspiring and pulse-pounding, The Grail Quest is for anyone who dares to dream-and dares to slay dragons.

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