Dragon Assassin

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Dragon Assassin

A Fantasy Mystery

Roan Quigley is a down-and-out private eye in Los Angeles, eking out his meager existence by following cheating spouses and taking on the odd case.

And there is no case odder than this...

On a lazy day, with clients few and far between, a very strange man appears in the detective's office. Roan can't quite place the odd accent, nor can he make much sense of the man's clothing. But when the stranger produces a bag of gold, Roan perks up.

Soon, Roan's simple world is turned upside down as he journeys into the Realm, a magical kingdom that lies parallel to Los Angeles. Here, the ace detective is thrown into a world of flying dragons, orcs and wizards, where spells are real and magic is deadly. Now Roan must use all his skills and knowledge to not only stay alive but to track down a ruthless killer and save a kingdom in the process.

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