Aladdin Sins Bad

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Aladdin Sins Bad

The Aladdin Trilogy #2

The end of "Aladdin of the Lamp" finds the cunning Aladdin ruler of a great kingdom. Now, many years have passed....

Life as the king of Agrabah is never boring, especially when the dashing Sinbad the Sailor requests a ship to save his kidnapped wife. Aladdin, never one to run from danger, agrees to help and accompanies Sinbad as they set sail to accumulate enough treasure to ransom the sailor's wife. Soon they run afoul of zombies, sirens, demons, nymphs, evil djinns, and a dastardly plot to take over his kingdom. But Aladdin has a few tricks up his sleeves...including one very magical lamp.

From bestselling authors Piers Anthony (Xanth) and J.R. Rain (Vampire for Hire), Aladdin Sins Bad is the second in a fantastical series set in the enchanted world of the Arabian Nights.

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