Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman

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Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman

The Aladdin Trilogy #3

The end of “Aladdin of the Lamp” finds the cunning Aladdin ruler of a great kingdom. Now, many years have passed...

When Aladdin is summoned to save the magical Sirens from a ruthless and mysterious enemy, he soon discovers that the Key to Hades has been stolen from the sea nymphs' lair. Now the King of Agrabagh must venture deep into the heart of the Dark Continent in search of the legendary entrance to the Underworld. But when a costly mistake unknowingly bestows upon their flying ship all the knowledge of the Universe, plans radically change. What follows is a game of gods and demigods that pits Aladdin against Hades himself. At stake is not only his immortal soul but the lives of everyone he loves. Luckily, Aladdin has a few tricks up his sleeve—and friends in high places, including one very powerful djinn.

From bestselling authors Piers Anthony and J.R. Rain, Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman is the third in a magical series set in the enchanted world of the Arabian Nights.

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