Broken Wing

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Broken Wing

Immortal Operative #2

The vampire spy returns! Mina Barret is back in an all-new, thrilling adventure!

It's normal for a parent to bring their kid to work if they can't find a babysitter, but Mina Barret doesn't exactly work an office job—she's a CIA field agent.

She's also a vampire.

The Dominion isn't going to take a break because of Mina's schedule, so when an urgent situation crops up in Libya right before she learns the bad guys have plans to abduct her daughter, there's only one possible fix: bring her daughter on the mission. The bosses aren't too thrilled, but since the kid's a vampire, they don't object.

Dodging bullets and avoiding capture on the way to discovering what the bad guys found in the desert isn't the safest day trip for a child, but Chloe seems to be having the time of her life... even if they might get captured, or worse.

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