The Beast of Devil's Creek

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The Beast of Devil's Creek

Zeb Clemens #1

After the Civil War came to a close, Zeb decided to head west to raise cattle and a family if he could manage it. No sooner did he step off the train in Texas, a stray bullet knocked him senseless. Believing he'd somehow cheated death, he gave up on his peaceful plans and became a lawman.

A lawman with a secret. And an edge.

After migrating farther west into the New Mexico Territory, he expected to find the usual run-of-the-mill outlaws―not a strange woman watching him from the edge of his dreams. Meanwhile, stories of an inhuman monster attacking people in the nearby town of Devil's Creek begin making their rounds. Even crazier, Zeb feels compelled to hunt it―all while dealing with a murderous gang of outlaws and the missing boy of a waitress Zeb has taken a shine to.

He might be imagining it all―or still unconscious with a head wound―but with his luck, it's probably real.

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