Wicked Moon

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Wicked Moon

Vampire for Hire #23

Samantha Moon is back and doing what she does best: solving crime, finding killers, and helping those who can't help themselves...

For years, Samantha Moon has wanted to be normal. It seemed an impossible dream—right up until it happened.

Well, sorta happened; after all, normality is a relative thing for a vampire detective.

With the final defeat of Elizabeth, Sam's world was rocked again. She lost her wings, her ability to read minds, and a particularly handy sword. Most important, though, is what she gained: an adopted daughter.

That said, nothing can take away her uncanny ability to solve crimes and catch the bad guy.

Now, after opening a new downtown office with the help of her daughter (who now works with her), a seemingly routine case walks in the door that soon proves that in Sam's life, nothing is ever simple. The death of a local importer/exporter appears on the surface to have been natural, but not everyone is convinced, especially a suspicious sister. Before long, Sam's got more suspects than answers, and worse, the killer knows she's closing in...

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