Ghosts of Christmas Present

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Ghosts of Christmas Present

A Dead Detective Story

(Short Story)

Richelle Dadd is feeling an emptiness in her heart this holiday season. And not just because said heart is as cold and dead as the icy cityscape in her window. The undead have feelings, too - and in the time for family and presents and friendship, this lost soul is feeling... lost.

Backstabbed by those she considered her allies, neglected by the only ghost that understood her, and with her best friend murdered before her very eyes, Richelle doesn't have a ton to celebrate this year.

But the "Christmas miracle" isn't just something that goes on a greeting card..

Ghosts of Christmas Present is a short story set in the aftermath of the events in The Dead Detective, and is accompanied by "Christmas in the Morgue" by Rod Kierkegaard, and "Zombie App" by J.R. Rain.

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