Bound By Blood

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Bound By Blood

The Vampire Diaries

From J.R. Rain: A few years ago I was asked to help launch Amazon's Kindle Worlds with a "Vampire Diaries" story. Although I'd never seen the show, I saw this as a fun challenge. So, I proceeded to watch every episode in a week. (It was the first time I'd ever "binged watched" anything, haha.) Yeah, I fell in love with the characters, and really, really appreciated all the thought that went into building the world of "The Vampire Diaries." So, yes, I was honored to write a book in the series. With that said, I present to you BOUND BY BLOOD, in which I introduce a new character into Mystic Falls, a private eye named Max Long. I also introduce a fourth supernatural creature. Yes, fourth. We have vampires, werewolves and witches in Mystic Falls...well they are about to come across a fourth supernatural that can bind them all, so to speak. What is it? Well, you are just gonna have to grab BOUND BY BLOOD and see for yourself! Oh, and it's only 1.99! Happy reading!

Description: A streaking meteor passes over Mystic Falls. Such meteorological phenomenon often brings profound supernatural changes. Just ask the two campers outside of town who find themselves a quick midnight snack by local bad boy vampire, Damon Salvatore. But the meteor also works its magic on the private eye, Max Long, who is hired to look into the deaths of the luckless campers. To his astonishment, detective Long discovers that he has suddenly been granted extraordinary powers of perception. Could he be the one the insatiable Damon has been waiting to combat and destroy for more than a hundred years? The private eye bloodhound catches Damon’s iron-rich scent and is determined to put away the marauding vampire for good. Unless the canny, determined Damon can get to the unusually gifted detective first. And drink from the super sleuth’s powerful life force to gain true, everlasting immortality.

A riveting, fast-paced dance of death involving two supremely gifted foes, Bound By Blood is sure to please faithful fans of the long-time mystery and TV series, The Vampire Diaries.

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