Speak No Evil

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Speak No Evil

The PSI Series #3

(Previously published as Flight 12)

A spy with supernatural healing powers confronts a megalomaniac with a biological weapon…

John, a PSI agent with a supernatural healing touch, goes missing while in pursuit of a madman chemist who possesses the world’s most deadly virus.

Ripped from the support and resources of PSI—and from Kylie, the audial psychic he loves—John must defeat the diabolical mastermind on his turf.

The clock is ticking during John’s odyssey into the dark side of paranormal spying. When a life-or-death battle ensues, John fights for the greater good, for his own life—and for the truth.

SPEAK NO EVIL is a fast-paced, high-action international adventure thriller. It is the third book in the PSI series.

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