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Kindle Worlds Presents:

Vampire for Hire

Hi there and welcome! J.R. Rain here to announce the Vampire for Hire Kindle World. And what is the Vampire for Hire Kindle World? It's a portal for writers to publish their own Samantha Moon stories (and get paid for them), and a place for readers to read new adventures about Sam Moon and the gang. In effect, it's an open world for all things Samantha Moon. For writers, you get to interact with Samantha Moon readers...and have a chance to explore an established world with many voracious fans. (Writers, check out the Amazon publishing link below...then get busy on your own Samantha Moon stories!) Readers, check out the book links below and explore a wide array of fantastic fiction featuring your favorite vampire mama. Happy reading...and writing!


FOR WRITERS: Vampire for Hire - Kindle Worlds Publishing Portal


FOR READERS: Vampire for Hire - Kindle Worlds