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Samantha Moon Reading Order

(Updated 01/06/21)

The earliest Samantha Moon story is actually Fang’s back story from his childhood:

"Teeth" (short story)


Next up is Sam’s origin story, which is told in three prequel books:

(1) New Moon Rising

(2) Moon Mourning

(3) Haunted Moon


The main “Vampire for Hire” series begins here (in bold). As you can see, I mixed in some short stories with the main book series. Here they are in order:

Book 1: Moon Dance

Book 2: Vampire Moon

"Vampire Nights" (short story)

Book 3: American Vampire

Book 4: Moon Child

"Vampire Blues" (short story)

Book 4.5: Christmas Moon

Book 5: Vampire Dawn

Book 6: Vampire Games

"Vampire Dreams" (short story)

"Halloween Moon" (short story)

Book 7: Moon Island

"Vampire Gold" (short story)

"Blue Moon" (short story)

Book 8: Moon River

"Dark Side of the Moon" (short story)

Book 9: Vampire Sun

Book 10: Moon Dragon

"Vampire Requiem" (short story)


Sam’s time travel trilogy begins here:

(1) Moon Bayou

(2) Blood Moon

(3) Parallel Moon


The main series resumes here:

Book 11: Moon Shadow

"Moon Love" (short story)

Book 12: Vampire Fire

Book 13: Midnight Moon

Book 14: Moon Angel

"Vampire Alley" (poem)

Book 15: Vampire Sire

Book 16: Moon Master

Book 17: Dead Moon

Book 18: Lost Moon


The “Samantha Moon Adventures” begins here. This is a short story side series chronicling Sam’s European vacation:

(1) Banshee Moon

(2) Moon Monster

(3) Moon Ripper

(4) Witch Moon

(5) Moon Goddess

(6) Moon Blaze

(7) Golem Moon

(8) Moon Maidens


Five more short stories follow Sam’s vacation series:

"Moon Musings" (includes "Moon Memories" and "Moon Quiz")

"Moon Beast"

"Vampire Widow"


The main series resumes here. The next three books chronicle Sam’s final battle with Elizabeth:

Book 19: Vampire Destiny

Book 20: Infinite Moon

Book 21: Vampire Empress


Four more short stories follow Sam’s final battle with Elizabeth:

"Moon Maze"

"Silver Hammer"

"When Sam Met Santa"

"One Swallow"


The main series resumes with:

Book 22: Moon Elder





Allison Lopez has her own series:

1: The Witch and the Gentleman

2: The Witch and the Englishman

3: The Witch and the Huntsman

4: The Witch and the Wolfman

5: The Witch and the Hangman


Alexis Silver, Mermaid Detective, is set in the world of Samantha Moon:

1: Silver Light

2: Deep Silver

3: Silver Quarrel

4: Silver Crucible





"The Brotherhood of the Blade" trilogy, written by Eve Paludan. Non-canon/unofficial, featuring Rand the vampire hunter from Moon Dance:

1: Burning

2: Afterglow

3: Radiance


Eve Paludan has a second series in the works, featuring Kingsley Fulcrum himself. Non-canon/unofficial:

1: Wolf Moon

2: Wolf Trap (coming soon)


"Chronicles of the Immortal Council" series, written by D.C. Young. Non-canon/unofficial. This is a completed 10-part series:

1: Vampire Abduction

2: Vampire Exodus

3: Vampire Sovereign

4: Vampire Magic

5: Vampire Vacation

6: Vampire Reflections

7: Vampire Enigma

8: Vampire Spirit

9: Vampire Regent

10: Vampire Intuition


April M. Reign has her own on-going, non-canon/unofficial Sam Moon series. This is an open-ended series:

1: Moon Hunt

2: Moon Gone

3: Moon Crimes

4: Moon Castle


Crystal-Rain Love has her own trilogy - non-canon/unofficial:

1: Twisted Sister

2: Harvest Moon

3: Moonbow


Other non-canon books and stories set in the world of Samantha Moon:

Vampire Apocalypse


Fire Warrior

I, Samantha Moon

Vampires She Wrote

Dragon Lessons

Dead Ahead

Crystal Moon


Samantha Moon bonus material:

Moon Dance (Deluxe Edition)

Moon Extras: Bonus Scenes

Vampire Rain and Other Stories (features a new blog by Sam)

Vampire Road and Other Stories (features a bonus scene from Vampire Empress)