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Samantha Moon Reading Order

(Updated 11/14/20)

The earliest Samantha Moon story is actually Fang’s back story from his childhood:

"Teeth" (short story)


Next up is Sam’s origin story, which is told in three prequel books:

1: New Moon Rising

2: Moon Mourning

3: Haunted Moon


The main “Vampire for Hire” series begins here. As you can see, I mixed in some short stories with the main book series. Here they are in order:

1: Moon Dance

2: Vampire Moon

"Vampire Nights" (short story)

3: American Vampire

4: Moon Child

"Vampire Blues" (short story)

4.5: Christmas Moon

5: Vampire Dawn

6: Vampire Games

"Vampire Dreams" (short story)

"Halloween Moon" (short story)

7: Moon Island

"Vampire Gold" (short story)

"Blue Moon" (short story)

8: Moon River

"Dark Side of the Moon" (short story)

9: Vampire Sun

10: Moon Dragon

"Vampire Requiem" (short story)


Sam’s time travel trilogy begins here:

1: Moon Bayou

2: Blood Moon

3: Parallel Moon


The main series resumes here:

11: Moon Shadow

"Moon Love" (short story)

12: Vampire Fire

13: Midnight Moon

14: Moon Angel

"Vampire Alley" (poem)

15: Vampire Sire

16: Moon Master

17: Dead Moon

18: Lost Moon


The “Samantha Moon Adventures” begins here. This is a short story side series chronicling Sam’s European vacation:

1: Banshee Moon

2: Moon Monster

3: Moon Ripper

4: Witch Moon

5: Moon Goddess

6: Moon Blaze

7: Golem Moon

8: Moon Maidens


Five more short stories follow Sam’s vacation series:

"Moon Musings"

"Moon Memories"

"Moon Quiz"

"Moon Beast"

"Vampire Widow"


The main series resumes here. The next three books chronicle Sam’s final battle with Elizabeth:

19: Vampire Destiny

20: Infinite Moon

21: Vampire Empress


Three more short stories follow Sam’s final battle with Elizabeth:

"Moon Maze"

"Silver Hammer"

"When Sam Met Santa"


The main series resumes with:

22: Moon Elder (coming December 2020)




Allison Lopez has her own series:

1: The Witch and the Gentleman

2: The Witch and the Englishman

3: The Witch and the Huntsman

4: The Witch and the Wolfman

5: The Witch and the Hangman


Alexis Silver, Mermaid Detective, is set in the world of Samantha Moon:

1: Silver Light

2: Deep Silver

3: Silver Quarrel

4: Silver Crucible


Non-Canon/Unofficial Series:


"The Brotherhood of the Blade" trilogy, written by Eve Paludan. Non-canon/unofficial, featuring Rand the vampire hunter from Moon Dance:

1: Burning

2: Afterglow

3: Radiance


Eve Paludan has a second series in the works, featuring Kingsley Fulcrum himself. Non-canon/unofficial:

1: Wolf Moon

2: Wolf Trap (coming soon)


"Chronicles of the Immortal Council" series, written by D.C. Young. Non-canon/unofficial. This is a completed 10-part series:

1: Vampire Abduction

2: Vampire Exodus

3: Vampire Sovereign

4: Vampire Magic

5: Vampire Vacation

6: Vampire Reflections

7: Vampire Enigma

8: Vampire Spirit

9: Vampire Regent

10: Vampire Intuition


April M. Reign has her own on-going, non-canon/unofficial Sam Moon series. This is an open-ended series:

Book 1: Moon Hunt

Book 2: Moon Gone

Book 3: Moon Crimes

Book 4: Moon Castle


Crystal-Rain Love has her own trilogy - non-canon/unofficial:

Book 1: Twisted Sister

Book 2: Harvest Moon

Book 3: Moonbow


Other non-canon books set in the world of Samantha Moon:

Vampire Apocalypse


Fire Warrior

I, Samantha Moon

Vampires She Wrote

Dragon Lessons

Dead Ahead

Crystal Moon


Samantha Moon bonus material:

Moon Dance (Deluxe edition)

Moon Extras: Bonus Scenes

Vampire Rain and Other Stories

Vampire Road and Other Stories